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            Characteristics of rolling process
            Release Time:2018-05-02 03:21:10
            Rotational molding has been briefly introduced in the front part, and the following is a little bit to share with you the characteristics of rotational molding process.
            , simple mold, low cost, suitable for molding large plastic products. The injection molding, blow molding and thermoforming moulds of plastic products are often used because they need to withstand high pressure and do not need high strength. Therefore, the structure is simple, the processing is convenient, the production cycle is short, and the cost is low. Because of this, rotational molding can form large plastic products.
            2, suitable for molding complex products. Many other complex products, such as wall concave and convex structure, double wall structure, and other special structures, can be formed by rolling process, which are difficult to form or cannot be moulded.
            3. It is suitable for the production of many kinds of plastic products. Because the mould is simple, it is very convenient to replace the product. In addition, one large mold can be installed on one device, and more than one small mold can be installed. It can run multiple sets of moulds with different sizes and shapes at the same time. So rotational molding process is more flexible than other molding methods.
            4, the product wall thickness is uniform, no joint. Compared with blow molding and hot forming process, rotational molding products have uniform wall thickness. Because of the integral molding, so the product has no fusion line.
            5. Save the raw materials. Rotational molding will directly add the raw material to the mold every time. After molding, remove the product and add the next required raw material. So there is no waste in the runner, gate and so on. In addition, when changing the variety or color of a product, it will neither waste material nor spend time cleaning machines and moulds.
            6. There is no residual stress in the product, and it is not easy to deform. In the rotational molding process, the tensile stress, shear stress and compressive stress of the molten materials are very small, so the products have almost no internal stress.
            The above is the characteristics of the rolling technology, which is introduced by the small editor. Our company has always insisted on the enterprise spirit of "seeking survival by quality and developing by reputation". We constantly improve the quality of products and service quality, continue to satisfy the needs of the customers, and cooperate with the broad customers together, sincere cooperation, for the structure of cooperation. Harmonious society, achieve multi - win and strive to win!
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