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            Characteristics of rotating tower rolling machine
            Release Time:2018-05-02 03:24:55
            There are three arms and four arms in the tower roller molding machine, which contain oven, cooling chamber, turret, operation system and dismounting table. It can produce a variety of models and styles of rolling plastic products. The rotating arm of the turret roller is composed of two kinds of arm and movable arm. The fixed arm shows good performance for the production of the same cycle period, and the movable arm is more beneficial to the production of different models, different wall thickness, and different cycle cycles. The characteristics of the turret rotary molding machine can be summarized as follows:
            , the oven door adopts the anti deformation structure, it will not be deformed for a long time and will be used for a long life.
            2. Closed structure.
            The 3 and two combustion chambers can realize combustion, save energy and protect the environment. For fuel and gas hobbing machine, after full combustion, no charcoal dust and harmful gas will pollute oven, mould and environment.
            The 4 and two feeding devices can produce multi-layer and multicolor rotational molding products. For example, beverage cans, drug incubators, food safety containers, and no sundry containers for years, can be rolled into dark, white or light colored inner layer products.
            5. The temperature of the plastic in the mold can be controlled in the mould. The temperature of the plastic in the mould can be controlled to prevent the aging, the yellow and brittle, or the flow is not in place because of the low temperature, and the thickness of the product is not in place.
            6, highly automated, in addition to the mold disassembly and loading, all other operations to achieve automated procedures.
            7, fast loading and unloading device, basically 2 seconds to install, remove a pair of bolts, increase dozens of times.
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