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            What is rolling? What are the main uses? What's the future o
            Release Time:2018-05-02 03:26:53
            At present, the use of rolling equipment can not only produce small products with simple structure and single layer. Ji'nan plastic bags can also produce complex, multi-layer, large and super large products, including various container products, automotive aircraft and other motor tools, military supplies, ships, and human organs and so on.
            The development of the rolling plastic industry in China can not be separated from the continuous development of new rolling products, the continuous expansion of the application field of rolling products, the continuous improvement of the manufacturing technology and related technologies of the rolling machines. The rotational molding industry association will also speed up the development of China's rotational molding industry in all aspects. China's rotational molding industry should have a good development.
            In recent years, in North America and developed countries in Europe, the rotational molding industry has developed rapidly, and its development speed is higher than the average development speed of the whole plastic industry. The development of the whole rolling plastic industry is also relatively perfect. In addition to the rolling plastic machine manufacturing plant and the rolling plastic production plant, there are a considerable number of other specialized auxiliary factories, such as the rolling mold manufacturing plant, the mold release plant, the rolling plastic special pigment production plant, the mill mill, the inlay manufacturing plant, and the mixing equipment suitable for the rolling plastic. There are also many factories for rolling plastic raw materials supply. The rotational molding equipment made by developed countries is becoming more and more sophisticated, and develops towards the direction of higher automation control level.
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