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            An introduction to the processing of rolling products
            Release Time:2018-05-02 03:28:45
            Before the rolling molding technology is made, some excellent moulds are prepared, and then they are placed on the worktable of the rolling mold machine. The machine is usually a heating room and a rotating arm, and some also have a cooling device such as spray water atomization or cooling fan. The plastic resin powder is disposed in all molds, and then heated from different sides of the vertical and horizontal rotation.
            The melted resin bond the hot mold and the surface evenly. After a certain moment, the heat must be rotated until the die temperature is needed, so that the mold is rotated inside until the thickness of any place is the same. After being able to mold the temperature, turn the mold aside, remove the merchandise from the mold cavity, then join the new resin and start the next rotation. In the entire manufacturing process, the speed of mold transformation, heating and cooling time must be controlled strictly and accurately.
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