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            Market space of the rolling mould industry
            Release Time:2018-05-02 03:31:07
            Rolling mold industry as a new industry category, but also a high-speed development industry, according to the rolling mold manufacturers, also because of these three obvious advantages, there will be more and more plastic mold brand appearance. At present, the development and popularization of the rolling moulds are still in the primary stage. The existing brand roll mold brand only occupies about 5% of the market, and there is a great potential for development.
            In addition, now the largest application of rolling molds or rotary molding products, and even more and more products and plans for the application of rotary molding parts for automobile, at the same time, various boxes, shells, large pipes and other parts are also a huge cake, which is very conducive to the real strength of the rising star.
            At present, the big enterprises of the rolling moulds have been busy with the self adjustment of the project and scale for many years, and the management has a great relationship. The rolling mould manufacturers need the construction system at any time and long time, and it can not be achieved overnight. "Plum blossom fragrance from bitter cold", I believe after a cold winter, through the self reflection, adjustment and transformation of the manufacturers, rolling mould manufacturers will usher in a more brilliant era.
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